Everything for a healthy and active life 

Your physical and mental well-being is our top priority. On the market there are already many natural based products on the market that support and positively help. iAmHealth has set itself the goal to offer the best solutions that are trustworthy and proven - so that you can rely on us and our products.   

Feeling simple and naturally good: The iAmHealth vision

Numerous cosmetics and body care products rely on artificial ingredients for their effectiveness. However, there are natural alternatives that use the forces of nature. And we want to offer only the best of these in our online shop .

We - as iAmHealth-Team - actually come from the medical industry and science. When cannabidiol (CBD) became more and more popular in Germany, we wanted to make our contribution and create a place for all those people who are looking for products they can trust.

After all, the CBD industry was (or still is) very opaque: what is contained in the products? What do you have to consider? This and much more we want to answer here on iAmHealth, because we attach importance to transparency and informed knowledge. Because this is the only way to improve your well-being in the long run and you can trust in our support.

Our experience in the various areas of the medical economy and industry has made it easy for us to build up a network of trustworthy partners. These partners supply and produce our goods, but also offer their extensive knowledge on our side. This is of course not limited to CBD products, but includes all areas of well-being.

If you look around our site, you will see that we always list all ingredients. This way we want to make sure that you will always find the perfect product for you and know exactly what you are buying. If you still have any questions (or suggestions), please feel free to contact us at any time.